4 Benefits of Using VoIP Phones for Remote Work

Remote working has been more popular in recent years than it has ever been before, but this is even more true now since the COVID-19 pandemic has made it vital for us to avoid unnecessary outings.

Remote working has been more popular in recent years than it has ever been before, but this is even more true now since the COVID-19 pandemic has made it vital for us to avoid unnecessary outings.

Because of this development, many businesses are having to find new ways to connect their workforces through off-site networks and communication. One telecommunication solution that has made remote work easier for many companies is Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP phones.

The primary difference between VoIP phone systems and traditional landlines is that instead of using onsite phone lines, they allow you to make calls over the Internet without any physical wiring. When you consider that traditional phone lines simply aren’t accessible to many businesses working remotely now, the advantages that VoIP offers can allow you to communicate while offsite as well as take advantage of several other benefits.

VoIP Systems Are Much More Versatile

Working remotely does not mean working alone. Although a team may be forced to work separately in a physical sense, the importance of a network over which they can communicate and collaborate still exists almost universally.

In this regard, VoIP phones are much more adaptable to the changed circumstances under which we are all working right now. VoIP systems can be routed to tablets, laptops, or any device you wish, plus they provide up-to-the-minute data about each call being made. This makes it easy to track productivity—no small thing in the age of remote working.

VoIP Is More Secure

Business owners must by now be aware that the risk of security and data breaches has been majorly increased by the pandemic-forced decentralization of both the workforce and the business intranet. With individuals moving on to home computers for their jobs, system vulnerability is a genuine concern.

But by using a secure server for your VoIP calls, you can ensure that your calls, voicemails, and more are kept much safer. The importance of keeping remote-working employees off of insecure platforms is undeniable, and VoIP makes it much easier to ensure security when you need to.

VoIP Features Improve Accessibility

One of the undeniable concerns resulting from the pandemic crisis is that we have had to move very quickly to new systems and processes. Not all business continuity plans have accounted for remote work for the foreseeable future.

Luckily, the ability to route VoIP calls to devices over an Internet connection means team members can be reached wherever they are. In addition, features of VoIP allow smart call directing to the appropriate personnel with the skillset to help them most efficiently. This can be an invaluable asset when many businesses are experiencing higher than normal call volumes due to new circumstances, including changes in operating hours and available services.

VoIP Saves Your Business Money

Using VoIP for remote work offers several cost advantages, which is all the more important in a time when businesses are suffering due to a virus-related economic downturn. Because of these cost savings, though VoIP is especially useful for businesses now, it’s something that you’ll likely want to commit to long term.

Traditional PBX exchanges, which have physical, onsite equipment requiring maintenance, are far more expensive not only to install but also to get services for. You pay a phone bill each month in addition to international call expenses and other general maintenance costs.

On the other hand, with managed VoIP services, you save money because your phone systems don’t require complex wiring setups. Additionally, since calls are made over the Internet, you pay only for your Internet service each month without additional phone bills or costs-per-call. You can also call internationally at little to no charge.

As we all adjust to the changes that the business world has seen in just a few weeks, it is important to be able to rely on your communication systems and stay connected with your team. By adopting VoIP for your remote working needs, you can face today’s challenges with greater confidence in your ability to work through it and thrive.