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Uptime guarantee
Our team of professionals provide the necessary assistance to keep your business running smoothly. No matter where you are or what time it is–our support staff will take care of everything!
Hundreds of customers trust us to take care of their staffs IT needs
As a multi-national IT provider, we serve small businesses and conglomerates alike
IT cost savings
Our customers see an average cost reduction of 20% on IT expenditure by choosing us their trusted IT provider
Get an edge with the best tech

We are the most trusted IT solutions provider in our area

NetFusion Designs is an IT partner and service provider with clients across North America. We believe our core principles have been the fuel for our organization's exceptional growth.

We listens to client needs, helping them achieve their goals; be it cost reduction, business continuity or anything else that might arise in your day-to-day life when things go wrong!

NetFusion is there for you 24/7 with a team of experts who can help solve any problem - no matter how big or small it may seem at first glance!

One thing we pride ourselves on as well are personal relationships which allow us to provide care like none other out there today:

We help your business grow by navigating the ever-changing technology landscape and addressing your unique needs.

This is us
$40 p/h and 60 minutes of your time

Free IT assessment

Speak with one of our super-friendly IT Support Account Managers
Evaluation of your technology stack; both software and hardware
A report is produced that outlines potential cost-savings, efficiency gains and security hazards
Grow your business safer and faster
Our senior staff visits your organization
we provide helpdesk and it support
A half-day IT optimization assessment

Want to grow safer and faster?

= $40

3 step IT-management process

Learn more about our proven processes to make businesses more efficient.
it specialist consultation

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