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Microsoft 365 Optimization

We migrate, configure, optimize and train staff in Microsoft 365.

IT installation

Does your Microsoft 365 integration need work?

Work is no longer limited to the office. Your staff will expect to be able to work from anywhere, using a variety of devices - sometimes even their personal devices. We make this happen, in a secure fashion.

Our cloud desktop management makes your organization more flexible, more secure, is highly scalable and is completely customized to your unique business needs.
Are you suffering from poor collaboration between remote employees?
Are your files disorganized, spread across multiple locations and missing back-ups?
Is your decision-making process slower than it should be?
Maintain data compliance by keeping sensitive corporate resources off of user devices

NetFusionDesigns, an official Microsoft Partner

We ensure that we completely understand your business' goals.

Then, we evaluate your processes and implement your (optimized) Microsoft 365 solution.

This makes your business significantly more competitive and secure.

Experienced and a proven track-record

We have helped many organizations of all sizes.

Cost-effective implementations

Microsoft 365 implementations do not have to be costly.

Worry-free execution

Regardless of complexity. We know how to guide management and employees.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers the full suite of digital solutions for small to large-size corporations, extending far beyond well-known Apps such as Word, Excel, Teams and Sharepoint.

Microsoft 365 is designed specifically to improve collaboration between teams; allowing organizations with 10 to 100,000 members to work together effectively - from any device.
IT installation

Collaborate effectively, from any device

Microsoft 365 is everyone's favorite productivity-platform, including tools like Word, Excel, Teams and online data-cloud Sharepoint.

It is designed specifically to improve collaboration between teams; allowing organizations with 10 to 100,000 members to work together effectively - from any device.
Hosted Desktops and Applications
Access Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
Enhanced Security & Performance
Expert Technical Support from Canada
Install any Windows Application
Microsoft Office 365 Ready
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Why us?

How our installation differs from others

We excel at the two components necessary for a successful implementation of MS 365; the first is an installation with neurotic attention to detail and the optimization of settings and security options.

The second component is the tailoring of the apps to fit the organization's exact needs; adjusting them to the staff and the consecutively training of the team.
“Be honest, produce effective results, and you’ll create a relationship built on trust.”
Geeshan Subasingha, President

Explore 365's most desirable applications

Are you ready to leverage the full suite of tools within Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Teams includes document sharing tools and an online workspace, so your team can collaborate securely on projects wherever they are.
Microsoft’s renowned suite of Office applications including Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
OneDrive and Sharepoint are online data storage applications, which provide structure within your data and disaster recovery capabilities.  
Always work on the most up-to-date version of the application, both online and offline. Work on PCs and Macs, iOS, Android and Windows tablets and phones.

Cloud Desktop

Evolving business demands are changing how people work. Yesterday’s model with employees working at the office on corporate devices has undergone a dramatic transformation. People expect to be able to work from anywhere using a variety of devices. Let NetFusion Designs help you enhance user experience.
When it matters most, your collaborations products must be fast, easy, and reliable
IT installation

Project planning

Save precious downtime in the future, achieve maximum value for money and ensures that your hardware has the exact right amount of power necessary.

An office environment that exhilarates your team
Increased productivity, stability and satisfaction
it support company expert in it project management
Maximum value/investment
We know which technology is compatible with another

Reach new heights when it comes to efficiency, scalability, and affordability.

As a longstanding citrix partner, we have provided expert services to thousands of users and hundreds of customers around the world. NetFusion Designs Citrix Cloud Services is a highly available, pre-built solution that allows customers to quickly launch Citrix XenApp environments.With NetFusion Designs’s Citrix Cloud Services, you can rapidly deploy enterprise-class Clouds and remotely run Windows applications within hours. NetFusion Designs Citrix Cloud Services is designed for organizations who want to start small and launch quickly, at an affordable price point.Businesses can enjoy a robust, fully managed cloud with high availability and security. Run your mission critical applications in the cloud and access them using any device, anytime, anywhere.With NetFusion Designs Citrix Cloud Services, each customer has its own dedicated Citrix Application Server but accesses its applications through a secure, shared front-end service. Access and presentation of applications via the web is unique to each customer.
Consistently optimize your technology

Benefits for your business

See how secure hosted desktops, apps, and mobility services can help your business stay on top of cloud trends.
Windows Apps, Anywhere
Give access to Windows apps and data from any device and location.
Flexible Deployments
Choose from on-premises or hosted deployments.
Ultra Fast and Always Current
Our hosted solution operates on high performance servers with SSD drives, providing unparalleled performance to staff. Our team also handles patching and updating of the Citrix & Windows components.
Protect your sensitive corporate data from loss and leaks.
Our Hosted Citrix Service can be customized exactly the way you want. Our consulting team will work with your IT/CIO to design the environment in a way that works for you.
Local & Offsite (geo-redundant) backups are included with our hosted citrix platform.

Make the cloud work for you

Hosted Citrix offers cloud solutions that are customizable, comprehensive, and cost-effective, increasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU). Its enhanced features ensure customer needs are met and your business remains scalable and easy to manage.
Go about it in the right order

Strategise and execute

Combine sections from a range of categories to easily assemble pages that meet the needs of your growing business.

“We leveraged NetFusion Designs as our Trusted Managed IT Provider, they helped us scale our environment and streamline processes.”

The support provided has been amazing!

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