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Inventory Lifecycle Management

We provide sure-handed and reliable IT support to boost your inventory management proficiency.

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Does your inventory management process leave much to be desired?

One thing that every production and distribution company has in common is inventory management complexities and headaches. No business wants to spend the bulk of its energy and resources figuring out the perfect way to manage stock, yet it is an indispensable part of your success. These seemingly simple procedures have an irritating tendency to get convoluted and confusing very quickly.

One day, your inventory tracking and management are going smoothly, and, all of a sudden, you might experience unforeseen deficits, inaccurate demand forecasts, and lose the trust of your customers. In short, inventory management can swiftly get out of hand without an expert hand on the steering wheel.
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With a manual approach to controlling your stock, you are doomed to miscalculate and mismanage your inventory sooner or later. Fluctuating customer demands and hectic inventory movements require mountains of paperwork and undivided attention, which inevitably causes human error. As a result, you stand to lose your hard-earned reputation and needlessly spike your inventory costs.

However, all is not lost! With the unprecedented inflow of cutting-edge IT tools and methodologies, your inventory problems no longer have to disrupt your entire business growth and organizational fluidity. Properly implemented digital solutions can transform your chaotic inventory management process into a well-oiled machine that simplifies your daily workload. And NFD is here to provide you with custom-fit inventory management tools today!
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Discover a better way to manage your inventory with NFD!

With our inventory lifecycle management blueprint, we have perfected the craft of seamlessly controlling your inventory and helping your operations grow without roadblocks. NFD’s hands-on inventory management process helps you track your inventory movement in real-time, onboard and offboard your stock in perfect conditions and configure every detail in line with your specific conditions.

When it comes to ensuring your inventory management capabilities, NFD takes a proactive approach to solving your pressing issues. Our services alleviate your primary challenges in stock management, enabling you to refocus your mind on growing the business and increasing the bottom line!
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What NFD Provides

With NFD’s knowledge and expert touch, Flawless inventory management will be your second nature!

Stock on-hold services

We carefully monitor your inventory inflow and outflow, ensuring that each asset you receive is in perfect condition and ready to satisfy your customers without exceptions. With our expert quality control and supervision, your stock will be in top shape regardless of the holding period or supplier changes. Anything less will swiftly leave your inventory ranks! NFD’s far-reaching capabilities allow us to support your shipping operations throughout the entire Canadian region without sacrificing our premier quality and attention to detail
Seamlessly manage inventory flow.
Receive shipping support across Canada.
99.9% uptime guarantee


With NFD’s masterful inventory level monitoring, you will instantly know if your stock can satisfy incoming customer requests. We help you identify potential inventory deficits before they turn into dissatisfied and angry customers, letting you increase or decrease your inventory levels without sacrificing the bottom line.

We actively ensure that each inventory item entering your warehouse premises is in perfect condition and in line with your high product quality standards. We help you maintain a flawless reputation with your clients and only ship products without technical or quality issues. We provide rigorous testing and assessments to ensure that even the slightest quality issues will not slip through the cracks unnoticed!
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Kitting, Branding and Welcome Packaging

Our kitting, branding, and welcome packaging services will help your shipped products make a killer first impression. All you have to do is let us know, and NFD will craft custom-fit kits, branded boxes, and exciting welcome packages that will impress your customers at the first sight!
Real-time monitoring of inventory availability.
Inventory quality assessments.
Kitting services, branded boxing, and welcome packaging.
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While not the most welcome sight, returned inventory is an indispensable aspect of your business cycle. NFD ensures that each asset returning to your inventory lines is actually worthy of rejoining your stock.

We conduct rigorous checks to identify potential product issues and, if necessary, wipe the entire device configuration, reverting it to the initial setup. With NFD controlling the quality and conditions of your returned inventory, you will no longer revert to expense write-offs and cut your inventory costs significantly!
Flawless handling of returned assets.
Pre-configuration of returned inventory.
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Services desk

Your inventory management lifecycle will not be complete without a premier helpdesk service, helping your customers set up and enjoy their shiny new tools. NFD is here to augment customer satisfaction by providing expert onboarding assistance and hardware setup support.

We ensure that your customers quickly catch up with any confusing aspects related to delivered goods and enjoy shipped products to the maximum extent.
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Optional Accessory Requests and Inventory Tracking

However, excellent delivery services warrant additional, complementing purchases. With NFD’s assistance, you will effortlessly keep track of optional accessory requests, giving your customers what they need without any holdups!

We top off our feature-rich inventory management services with highly transparent and result-oriented inventory tracking solutions. We help you see a clear picture of your inventory movement and status, giving you all the information you need to make diligent stock-related decisions.
Comprehensive onboarding assistance related to hardware setups.
Ticketing systems for ongoing hardware support.
A streamlined system for requesting optional accessories.
Real-time Inventory tracking.
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Rock-solid cyber security and compliance

See how NFD has helped numerous clients perfect their inventory management!

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"NetFusion Designs has been a godsend for our IT needs. The responsiveness of their team is incredible, and we have not had any downtime since they took over!"
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"NetFusion Designs has been our IT guru for several years now and they have proved themselves to be one of the best companies we've seen in a long time. They are not only experts with computer knowledge, customer service, and responsiveness but show genuine care for your business' success as well."
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"NetFusion Designs have shown some of the best customer service i've ever experienced with their know-how, responsiveness and care for your business' success."
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"NetFusion Designs is an amazing company that responds to your needs quickly and efficiently. They rebuilt our environment which was aging and under-performing, the new environment was super fast and enabled us to scale our business. I highly recommend NetFusionDesign's services!"
For managers with complex inventory processes:

Are your current inventory management tools up to the challenge?

NFD provides top-of-the-line digital tools for inventory, letting you:

Reclaim control over your stock management

In the past, most companies sacrificed the lion’s share of their daily workload just to make sense of their stocks and account for every item within their warehouse. Trying to manage your inventory manually can feel like a nightmare come true - this arduous process creates more questions than solutions, further complicating your already stacked workflow. With NFD seamlessly fusing cutting-edge inventory management tools and practices directly into your IT ecosystem, you will finally have the time and energy to focus on your business!
99.9% uptime guarantee

Focus on your core business

We do not just provide state-of-the-art inventory management services and call it a day. NFD goes above and beyond to let you realize that managing your stocks can be simple and enjoyable! We improve your inventory visibility, simplify your onboarding and offboarding processes, and let you seamlessly satisfy even the toughest customer demands. With us, inventory management problems will no longer occupy the number one spot on your list of priorities!
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Trim the fat and minimize your costs

For seasoned inventory managers, nothing is more irritating than hearing these words - overstocking and understocking. The goal is never leaving the Goldilocks zone with your inventory, having just enough to satisfy your customer needs without skyrocketing your budgets. With NFD’s comprehensively designed inventory management services, you will have no problems maintaining that healthy middle.
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Make the right decisions consistently

We work rigorously to simplify your tracking and monitoring powers, letting you make data-driven decisions and purchase just the right amount of stock at any given moment. In the past, many businesses had to compromise between meeting customer demands and having inefficient inventory levels. With NFD, you will never have to make that compromise again!
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