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Get 40+ years of world-class IT expertise available round the clock to your growing business! We help you grow faster, while spending less than the competition...

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401 Bay St, 16th Floor, Toronto, Ontario

22 Frederick St, Suite 700, Kitchener, Ontario

6700 Century Ave, 3rd floor, Mississauga, ON L5N 1V8

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Imagine what work at your small business would feel like if...

You had a standby team of global IT experts to pick your calls and provide instant solutions
You experience practically zero downtime
You save over 20% of your previous IT budget with expert advice and strategies
You're about 40% more efficient than your competition, growing rapidly…
All at a price that fits your budget like a glove!

That's what your small business deserves; and that's what NFD provides over 100 business, without fail, every single time...

Some of the 100+ companies that rely on our services...

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We take IT off the list of things that
need your attention

Focus on your growing business, let's handle IT

As a small business owner, you're already too busy being the sales man, chief marketer and chief operations officer of your business. Adding IT management into the mix could be overbearing, and practically impossible!

You deserve help. Expert, timely help and support - just when you need it, and no later. You deserve IT support and maintenance from a team of experts that fully understand your needs at your level, and can meet them promptly, without any hand-holding.

Rather than normalizing critically delayed response times form armature technicians, why not allow one global team take over your IT needs?

We're normalizing 24/7 expert IT support for small businesses...

NetFusion Designs was born out of a need to provide always available expert IT support to small businesses in Canada.

Since we started out, our expertise and attention to the needs of growing businesses have cause us to spread into several countries in North America and the United Kingdom.

Having helped over 100 forward-thinking businesses grow faster with exact-fit IT solutions, we're confident that we know just what you need.

Say good-bye to one-size-fits-all ineffective IT solutions. With us, you get a dedicated vCIO (with an entire team) that fully understands your needs and ensures that they are met on time, every time!
Take care of IT for me

See what other business owners, just like you, say about our IT support...

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"NetFusion Designs has been a godsend for our IT needs. The responsiveness of their team is incredible, and we have not had any downtime since they took over!"
Testimonial Image
"NetFusion Designs has been our IT guru for several years now and they have proved themselves to be one of the best companies we've seen in a long time. They are not only experts with computer knowledge, customer service, and responsiveness but show genuine care for your business' success as well."
Testimonial Image
"NetFusion Designs have shown some of the best customer service i've ever experienced with their know-how, responsiveness and care for your business' success."
Testimonial Image
"NetFusion Designs is an amazing company that responds to your needs quickly and efficiently. They rebuilt our environment which was aging and under-performing, the new environment was super fast and enabled us to scale our business. I highly recommend NetFusionDesign's services!"
Penetration & Vulnerability Assessment

All the IT support you need:
In one place, at one simple price!

Get world-class IT support, on a budget

IT budgets are a big topic in every business, but for a growing business, it's such a dicey subject. Because you need IT support (alright), but you don't want it to cost an arm and a foot (especially when the return on investments are downsized if any at all).

With us, you get the best of both worlds...

A perfect-fit IT budget, with outsized results, compared to anything you've ever seen. The IT strategies we provide you with, enable you outperform your competition and scale with ease.

You get the results of a full-time (round-the-clock) team of IT experts, at a fraction of the cost of an additional hire!

Round-the-clock support Proactive maintenance

We are one of the few IT companies that say round-the-clock IT support and actually mean it. Because we have a global team, we can make sure that no matter the time of the day you need help, we have an expert to respond and provide instant solutions.

Instant solutions because that's what it is 99.9% of the time. We have a unique system in place that enables us to proactively monitor your systems, ensuring uptime consistently.

So, if you ever need to call us for support, most of the time, a technician is already in the process of fixing the issue. Get an expert on the phone, ready with a solution - just for you.
Take care of IT for me
Penetration & Vulnerability Assessment

Get bulletproof cybersecurity, from experts
that have all the answers

Stay secure, compliant and confident!

One major delight that all of our clients (both small businesses and conglomerates alike) have with us is that we have all the answers. What that means is, with our IT support and management, you wouldn't need any additional support.

In addition to that, we have a secure cybersecurity stack for small businesses, securing your growing enterprise from hackers.

No business plans to be a cyberstatistic, definitely not a growing business that should be focusing on expansion. We make sure intruders stay locked out of your IT network, and your private data stays private.

With fail-proof, 7 layer cyber security protection, we keep your small business secure online!

We leave nothing about your IT environment to chance

100% satisfied clients all over the world
Uptime guarantee, for all businesses
Cost savings on your IT infrastructure

“We leveraged NetFusion Designs as our Trusted Managed IT Provider, they helped us scale our environment and streamline processes.”

The support provided has been amazing!

You’re not alone in
managing your IT.

When you partner with us, we take care of your tech setup in the background – so you can focus growing your small business. Let us show you how we can empower your business.

Get expert, round-the-clock IT support from a team of technicians that know your specific needs
Tailored, exact-fit IT solutions that ensure you save 20% or more on your IT budget, month after month
Get 40% more efficient than the competition, we'd make IT your advantage rather than your problem
Stay secure with our 7-layer cybersecurity stack, that confounds hackers and keeps you backed up and productive
Get an expert on the phone with you in a matter of minutes, offering near instant solutions!
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