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Geeshan Subasingha, President
When it comes to providing managed IT services, NetFusion Designs is the industry leader for tailored solutions. Whether your business needs a complete IT solution or just backup and storage support, they're ready with customized plans that will suit you best!

NetFusion Design Solutions has been in the game since 2003 when our CEO started out on his own as an independent consultant. Since then we've learned what businesses need most: safety from hackers and downtime while being able to grow their operations at any time without delay because of technical limitations like outdated hardware or lack of funds for cloud resources.

That's why NetFusion offers safe haven through customizable packages that let companies focus on growing instead of spending hours trying find new vendors who can help them secure their network
Consistently optimize your technology

Benefits for your business

This is no partnership of halves. An IT team with the brains, panache, and might to help you realize your technology goals, NetFusion Designs ensures that nobody's left in the dark: not your end user, not your organization's leader—no one.
Having confidence that your business equipment and processes will be operational on-demand and continue to perform even if under threat is critical to small to corporate business performance.
Network stability is your key to so many different things. When an outage does happen, or in anticipation of one, it's critical that you have our expert team on hand to get everything back up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible - like we're your IT superhero.
Predictable Costs
To save you time and money, we’ve created Predictable Costs. Fixed fee support agreements mean that every aspect of your IT is covered so that you can focus on what really matters to your business. From a beginner Essentials Managed package up to an Advanced Professional Managed account, it's easy for us to customize the right quote for your needs.
NetFusion Designs offers the peace of mind that their business will never lose a single second to security hacks or data leaks. If they catch these problems early on, they can beat them before they become part of clients' downfalls and keep those vulnerable calendars uncluttered so they don't miss out on any opportunities!
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Since 2009, client satisfaction is guaranteed. At NetFusion Designs, our client-centric culture is founded on the conviction that our partnership will continue far beyond the initial transaction.
IT installation

We deliver

Looking for Kitchener, Cambridge or Waterloo IT Support? Need to get your IT under control? Call today to speak with one of our super-friendly IT Support Account Managers.
24/7 system monitoring for network, storage, and servers
Asset management – software licensing renewals and hardware lifecycle management
Software patching, maintenance and backups
ITIL Certified Service Desk and technical escalation support – award winning desktop and user support, onsite support, and bilingual coast-to-coast coverage
Data protection, and archiving
Comprehensive reporting and performance visibility – monthly system health reporting, ongoing trend analysis, capacity planning, and support ticket and service level review
IT installation

Project planning

Save precious downtime in the future, achieve maximum value for money and ensures that your hardware has the exact right amount of power necessary.

An office environment that exhilarates your team
Increased productivity, stability and satisfaction
it support company expert in it project management
Maximum value/investment
We know which technology is compatible with another
Go about it in the right order

Strategise and execute

Combine sections from a range of categories to easily assemble pages that meet the needs of your growing business.

“We leveraged NetFusion Designs as our Trusted Managed IT Provider, they helped us scale our environment and streamline processes.”

The support provided has been amazing!

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