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Want to have some fun? Our tool exposes public facing security risks to your IT network infrastructure. It's remote, and free for a limited time, and it helps to protect your Business.

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External Vulnerability Assessment

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A painful question to ask yourself

Would it take a hacker more than 20 minutes to breach your security?

Our remote vulnerability assessment identifies  vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited by those with malicious intent. We also offer Pen Testing and Internal Vulnerability Scans.
List a cool feature: Uncover every single software and hardware inefficiency
List a cool feature:Adopt the best possible technology, complete with training and support

Use our tool to find vulnerabilities

By scanning your IT infrastructure from the outside-in, we find potential issues with ports that are open, as well as systems that can be accessed through those ports.

Fix them

Receive an actionable plan to address the highest-priority vulnerabilities.

If our tool finds vulnerabilities, you should take action immediately

Geeshan Subasingha, President
Hacks & Ransomware are increasingly common and they are not fun. It no longer implies that you pay a single fee and that you get your data back.

Depending on the size of your vulnerabilities, hackers can (and will) also encrypt your cloud backups. Receive a ransom for the encryption - and another ransom for them leaking your data.

Are you willing to be an easy target, or will you fortify your defenses. Connect with NFD for External Vulnerability Assessment.

How does it work?

A vulnerability assessment is a core operation for security teams, and is usually the best way to get an initial idea of how vulnerable a network is to an attack. Our Free Assessment will only scan external vulnerabilities, we also offer assessments on multiple Public IPs & PenTesting on a Yearly basis.
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