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Our Migration Approach

As a MSP we have Migrated a number of customers from other providers over to us.

Plan it Out

We start by analyzing your current environment, identifying the current challenges and design a clear plan and schedule that addresses all current IT pain points and misconfigurations

Get it Going

When you're looking to switch MSP, it's important to get your initial users onboarded quickly. NetFusion Designs works to deploy your initial end-user set quickly following the process design. We'll have your solution online so you can see the positive impactas soon as possible, and have staff test and validate the environment.
Windows, Web & Mobile App Development
Control and update your cloud-based phone system in real-time using out intuitive virtual dual plan editor.
Website Wireframe
Never miss a call. Use the time-based routing and geolocation to forward incoming to your devices.
If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It
Share your whole computer screen or just a speciUse ring groups, call queues, and automated call distribution to help manage incoming call volume.fic application.
Customization of Existing Applications
Share your whole computer screen or just a specific application.

Roll it Out

Once your initial group of end-users is confident in your new solution, NetFusion Designs will coordinate a migration window and deploy the validated migration process.

Switching MSPs can be exciting and scary, our staff will be onsite at all offices to assist staff during the transition.
Industry-leading anti-virus and anti-malware solutions
Scan your on-premises environments and cloud to detect assets, assess vulnerabilities, and deliver remediation guidance
Inspect traffic between devices and protect critical assets and systems
Identify suspicious behavior and potentially compromised systems
application development team it consulting firm

Refine your Use

Once your staff has been fully migrated to our Citrix platform, we want to make sure that you're getting the most out of your technology.

Training your employees on more in-depth use of Solutions we implement such as Office 365 provides engagement, boots use of your new applications, and optimizes your investment.
When it matters most, your collaborations products must be fast, easy, and reliable

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