IT support for construction companies

IT support for construction companies

We deliver expert IT services to help you easily overcome the challenges of the construction business.

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Is your construction process suffering from complexity and task overflow?

The modern construction process is a web of intricate procedures that all need to flow smoothly to keep costs down and meet unforgiving deadlines. Each day, a construction supervisor must handle twice as much as an average manager in half the time! Ensuring the validity of contracts, managing the construction stocks for maximum efficiency, and keeping track of the development progress are just a fraction of the pressing matters that need to be handled quickly without sacrificing any bit of quality!

Construction is also a field of precision! Every dime and penny incorporated in your budget needs to be carefully considered. As a construction master, you need to analyze the costs of the past, present, and future all at once and paint one coherent picture with these uncertain variables.

Trying to juggle these demanding tasks has frequently driven constructions to over-expenditure and even construction stoppage! But with our cutting-edge IT practices and systems, we can help you easily untangle this complex web of variables and control the chaos at your own pace! Our comprehensive IT support will ensure the smooth flow of tasks at every level of your construction and give you a strong hold over this unwieldy process!
Rock-solid cyber security and compliance

NFD simplifies your construction with expert, managed IT services!

The construction field is inherently demanding and unpredictable. You don’t need to add to that complexity by employing subpar IT services that fail to fit your needs! Most construction IT providers deliver services that further complicate your workload with red tape and bureaucracy or only serve as a glorified notepad. With us, you don’t just get a simple IT partner to handle your bugs and errors every once in a while. You get a business partner who understands your growth challenges and employs suitable IT solutions!

Forget the cumbersome process of contacting numerous suppliers, managing various blueprints, and trying to control several construction sites at once! We help you develop and maintain an air-tight IT ecosystem that will effortlessly morph around your construction process and catalyze it instantly!

We have worked with many construction companies over the years. We understand the ins and outs of this gigantic industry. That is why we will act as a helping hand not just in managing small, one-off IT-related problems, but help you with the big picture that determines your long-term success!
Rock-solid cyber security and compliance

With our market-leading experience,Your construction process will be destined for success!

99.9% Uptime, no exceptions
No more nine-to-five IT solutions that fail to keep up with your needs! We’re with you every step of your growth journey, keeping your IT cutting-edge!
Rock-solid cyber security
We set you up with fail-proof antivirus software and the best cybersecurity solutions in the IT market. With us, your business is safe from digital threats!
Perfect software for your business
We keep you up with industry-best practices by automating your regulation compliance, seamlessly integrating any software you need, and streamlining your digital processes as much as possible!
Instant disaster recovery
You never know when your software might fall victim to destructive interference. We provide lightning-fast disaster recovery of your IT systems whenever you need it!
Cloud migration
It’s never too late to place your business processes in the digital cloud and ensure safety against all physical threats! We will make sure that your entire IT ecosystem goes to the cloud in a matter of weeks!

We provide 24/7 assistance with industry-leading construction software:

Custom Cloud Routing
Custom Cloud Routing
Custom Cloud Routing
Custom Cloud Routing
Custom Cloud Routing
Custom Cloud Routing

NFD has helped numerous companies in their digital reinvention!

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"NetFusion Designs has been a godsend for our IT needs. The responsiveness of their team is incredible, and we have not had any downtime since they took over!"
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"NetFusion Designs has been our IT guru for several years now and they have proved themselves to be one of the best companies we've seen in a long time. They are not only experts with computer knowledge, customer service, and responsiveness but show genuine care for your business' success as well."
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"NetFusion Designs have shown some of the best customer service i've ever experienced with their know-how, responsiveness and care for your business' success."
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"NetFusion Designs is an amazing company that responds to your needs quickly and efficiently. They rebuilt our environment which was aging and under-performing, the new environment was super fast and enabled us to scale our business. I highly recommend NetFusionDesign's services!"
A question for every construction owner:

Is your construction company maximizing its IT capabilities?

NFD helps you adopt and control state-of-the-art construction practices, so you can:
Rock-solid cyber security and compliance

Harness the power of cloud computing

In previous decades, construction companies were always limited by their physical location. The necessity to have a centralized hub for all paperwork, planning, reports, and problem-solving takes a heavy toll on workflow efficiency. This cloudless working environment forces construction supervisors to break away from their real job and drag out their workflow for weeks. Construction workers have to waste hours of productive time to access essential information in their headquarters and receive further instructions from their supervisors.

These micro-problems pile up and turn into months of squandered man-hours, causing the construction process to overspend and underdeliver. Cloud computing solves all of these issues by taking the entire process online and granting information access to every relevant employee in your workflow. With cloud capabilities, every piece of data, instruction, or feedback finds its way to its rightful recipient momentarily. Cloud solutions will enable you to free up hundreds of man-hours for actual, productive work!

NFD offers to set you up with best-in-class cloud computing solutions swiftly and with affordable pricing! With just a few weeks of cloud implementation, we will make your construction process accessible for every stakeholder involved!

Augment your project management

There’s no denying that modern construction companies live and die by their project management capabilities. A fitting project management software can turn impossible deadlines, overwhelming planning, and cumbersome resource management into a well-oiled construction machine!

All it takes is to understand your bespoke needs and implement a PM practice that actually solves your fundamental problems without adding to the workflow stack. NFD can help you employ state-of-the-art project management tools that double your efficiency and productivity! Now, you will manage your resource pools with unprecedented mastery and simplicity.
99.9% uptime guarantee

Redefine your process by going mobile

Communication difficulty and speed have always plagued outdated construction operations. Construction demands constant, uninterrupted communication that includes vital feedback, instructions, and updates. Even a day without effective communication can blow up into massive workflow bottlenecks.

The answer to this often crippling challenge is readily available! You can transform your employees’ smartphones into powerful, professional communication tools! NFD can help you develop an in-house mobile device ecosystem that lets you exchange crucial bits of information without any interruptions. Moreover, the mobile devices will unlock other essential functionalities such as tracking progress, ensuring compliance, and much more!

Many construction owners are concerned about the safety of mobile device networks. NFD never compromises security while implementing brand-new digital solutions for your construction company. We guarantee that your data and configuration integrity stay uncompromised when you go mobile!

Forget about the outdated construction practices! Contact us today and get a free consultation!

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