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Get real-time, round-the-clock IT support from top-level IT experts, like 100+ other businesses across Canada and the US


Your IT infrastructure is the engine of your business. There’s nothing more devastating than not having real-time support for a pressing IT issue, simply because it’s not “working hours”

With highly connected teams working remotely around the world, we know that tech issues could come up at any time. We also know that when you call us for help, you need help immediately, not when businesses “open for the day”...

This is why we take it upon ourselves to ensure that whenever you call for IT support, you can get immediate assistance, instead of waiting, or worse, putting your business at risk for a couple of hours.

8 AM to 8 PM EST support by our North American Team

During work hours (with extra hours to spare) we are 100% available to pick up your calls, respond to your emails, and provide cutting-edge support on the spot. At NFD, we are constantly working to ensure that our first response resolution gets stronger by the day.

This means that when you reach out to us, we go the extra mile to make sure that your IT issues are resolved on the spot, instead of making you call us over and over. Having 6 office outlets spread across Canada, and 1 in the US, we have the staffing and capacity to support you remotely and onsite if need be.

8 PM to 8 AM EST Support from our North American and UK Staff

After work hours, we don’t leave you without the help you deserve and need. Just as during the day, we have a happy team of IT experts on the ground and available to take your calls during the night.

This is not just a placeholder arrangement till the real technician arrives at dawn, our first response resolution system is at play here as well. The goal is to walk you through the solution to that urgent need right on the call. By morning, it would be like nothing happened.

“NetFusion Designs has always provided our team remarkable support!”

Always a pleasure dealing with you guys.

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Supercharge your internal IT department

Your internal IT department has a closing time, it’s only human that they should. While you may not have round-the-clock IT experts that are available to support your staff when the lines are down, why not let us do the job for you?

Working with us gives your staff the security of knowing that they could sneak in a late-night task OR work remotely no matter the time zone, and still have the IT support they need. We don’t mind your IT department getting the credit.

Support from top-level technicians

At NFD, our tech support is delivered by actual IT experts that have the answers to any question you may have. Asides from our grand R&D budget, we only acquire top talent in the company. Meaning you are in safe hands, come what may.

Our technicians across the country and abroad, have a deep understanding of all things IT, and can proffer on-the-spot solutions. From a malfunctioning Microsoft 365 account; to a mysterious internet issue; a printer that just wouldn’t work; to a broken server; a missing folder, and just about everything in between, we have got you covered!

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