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Do you feel like your nonprofit is struggling to keep up with technology?

Nonprofits are under constant pressure to do more with less. As technology advances, it can feel like the only way to keep up is to invest in new and expensive hardware and software.  And let's face it, unresponsive IT support is one of the most frustrating things in the world.

When you're trying to get your work done and you can't even get the IT department to pick up the phone, it can feel like you're being left high and dry. Of course, nonprofits are always under pressure to cut costs, and IT support is often one of the first areas to be affected. The question is, how do you ensure seamless operations and absolute cybersecurity without expert and reliable IT support?

Many nonprofit administrators, they've resolved to "keep doing their best and hope for the best" when it comes to IT services and IT support. With NetFusionDesigns, that doesn't have to be the case. We're experts in IT services and support, and we can help your nonprofit thrive. With our help, you'll be able to focus on your mission while we take care of all your technology needs.
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NFD provides expert, managed IT services for Nonprofits, 24/7!

You don't have to be on the bandwagon of nonprofits that are stuck without the quality of IT support they deserve. By partnering with NFD as your IT support company, you can get the same level of service and support that you would get from an in-house IT department - just without the high price tag.

We specialize in helping nonprofits leverage technology to achieve their mission. We have the expertise and staffing to provide advice on everything IT; from choosing the right software to implementing new applications. 

Because we work with multiple nonprofits, have several partners, and have been at this for decades, we can often get discounts on your specific products and services. As a result, partnering with us is a great way for nonprofits to get the most out of their technology budgets!
Rock-solid cyber security and compliance

With such a track record, your non-profit organization is in safe hands


Uptime guarantee

Our team of professionals provides the necessary assistance to keep your business running smoothly. No matter where you are or what time it is–our support staff will take care of everything!
99.9% uptime guarantee


Hundreds of customers trust us to take care of their staff IT needs

As a multi-national IT provider, we serve small businesses and conglomerates alike
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IT cost savings

Our customers see an average cost reduction of 20% on IT expenditure by choosing us as their trusted IT provider
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A global IT support team, helping you focus on your mission

Nonprofits need expert IT services to thrive and focus on their mission, yet, many nonprofits are often understaffed and underfunded. That's why we offer a wide range of IT services and solutions that are tailored to fit the unique needs of your industry. From cybersecurity to data backup, we have everything you need to keep your organization running smoothly because we understand non-profit infrastructure.

But don't take our word for it, take a look at what other businesses say...

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"NetFusion Designs has been a godsend for our IT needs. The responsiveness of their team is incredible, and we have not had any downtime since they took over!"
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"NetFusion Designs has been our IT guru for several years now and they have proved themselves to be one of the best companies we've seen in a long time. They are not only experts with computer knowledge, customer service, and responsiveness but show genuine care for your business' success as well."
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"NetFusion Designs have shown some of the best customer service i've ever experienced with their know-how, responsiveness and care for your business' success."
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"NetFusion Designs is an amazing company that responds to your needs quickly and efficiently. They rebuilt our environment which was aging and under-performing, the new environment was super fast and enabled us to scale our business. I highly recommend NetFusionDesign's services!"

Some of our technology solutions and IT services for non-profits

24/7 Helpdesk

Every organization deserves top-notch support, and so does your nonprofit. That's why we offer our 24/7 help desk for nonprofits. We're always here to help, no matter what time of day or night it is. This is not just something we say but never do; we have the capacity to fulfill this promise (and we always do).

No matter what time of the day (or night) you call for IT assistance because it's bright daytime in one of our locations, you'd get the help you need. We have a global team of IT experts in Canada, the USA, Barbados, Ireland, and the UK - to make this possible.

We know that nonprofits can't afford to wait around for IT support, so we make sure that we're always available when they need us. Plus, our helpdesk is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps who are passionate about helping nonprofits succeed.
Rock-solid cyber security and compliance

Stay productive everywhere

There are two key aspects to making this happen; turn-key cloud services and always-on remote support. We provide both. We know how important it can be for you to stay productive at home or on the go.

  • Let go of your old, money-draining, legacy servers and take advantage of the endless possibilities of the cloud
  • Get the expert support you need, no matter where you are
  • If you ever need us onsite, we'd be right on time
Rock-solid cyber security and compliance


With so much attention on for-profit businesses, it's easy for nonprofits to feel like they're not at risk. But the truth is, cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, and nonprofits are often an easy target. That's why cybersecurity training and a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy are so important.

By being proactive and educating yourself on the latest cybersecurity threats, you can help keep your organization safe. And, if you do happen to experience a breach, proper training can help you contain the damage and get back up and running quickly. We help nonprofits implement security measures to protect their data and systems from attack.
Rock-solid cyber security and compliance

Data backup and disaster recovery

For nonprofit organizations, data loss can be especially crippling, as it can lead to the loss of critical donor information or hinder communication with volunteers. That's why data backup and disaster recovery are essential for any nonprofit. By backing up data regularly and keeping copies in a safe location, nonprofits can ensure that they can quickly recover from a disaster with minimal data loss.

Additionally, business continuity planning can help nonprofits to keep their operations running in the event of a disaster. At NFD, we help you prepare for the worst. Even in the face of a disaster, you can keep their mission-critical operations up and running.
Rock-solid cyber security and compliance

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