IT Support in Toronto Ontario

Here at Netfusion Designs, we pride ourselves on providing the best IT services available in Toronto. Here are just a few different ways we can help you get the most out of your business!

Why Toronto Businesses Need High-Quality IT Care

Nowadays, every business requires high-quality IT care and technology solutions. This is because more and more companies are becoming increasingly reliant on tech, whether for efficiency in daily processes, marketing and advertising efforts, running an online store, keeping in touch with customers, or other profit-boosting endeavors.

What We Do

We offer all of the services you need to take care of your business’s IT needs. Take a look at the options below for a brief outline of the different IT solutions we offer.

Managed IT Services

If you’re concerned about data loss, security systems becoming out of date, or running into issues that require on-site assistance, don’t fret. Our managed IT services provide you with consistent monitoring, helpdesk services, and any other support you may need. When you partner with us, we can even help you to increase your business’ productivity with a range of software and tools.


VoIP phone systems are essential for many businesses nowadays for their cost-efficiency, flexibility, and advanced features. We can replace your business’s existing phone equipment with cloud-hosted PBX, a more modern approach to communication which can unify your business and smartphones.

Cloud Back-ups

Data loss due to security breaches, natural disasters, or other catastrophes can devastate a business. Our cloud back-up services provide round-the-clock security with back-ups supported by three different data centers located on three different continents, giving you peace of mind and ensured copies of your valuable information.

Application Development

Our experts in web design, backend development, and multi-platform system development can help you develop the applications your business needs to support its unique functions.

Cloud Desktop

Our cloud desktop services ensure that all of your employees can work from the office or remotely from any device without disruptions.

Unified Security Management

If you’re looking for a comprehensive approach to security management, you’re in the right place. Our unified security management services proactively monitor your systems and provide comprehensive threat detection and incident response directives.

HyperConverged Computing

Our hyperconverged computing services can help you to effectively combine networking, storage and computing for ultimate efficiency in all of your business systems.

IP Security Cameras

When you need video surveillance to supplement your security, we have cutting-edge solutions. Take a look at our range of Verkada cameras with hybrid cloud technology.

How We Help

When you choose Netfusion Designs to take care of your Toronto business’s IT, you gain the help of an extended, expert team dedicated to your success. It’s our mission to make sure that your business takes advantage of the best technology and IT solutions in order to streamline processes and maintain a competitive edge. Focus on your business, and leave the IT to us!