IT Support in Waterloo Ontario

Net Fusion Designs offer a wide range of IT care and support services to businesses of all sizes in Waterloo, Ontario.

Our mission is to ensure that your business can take advantage of the technology and solutions that will streamline your processes and provide you with a competitive edge.

Why Excellent IT Care Is Essential for Waterloo Businesses

Waterloo has a strong knowledge and service-based economy. The city’s largest employers are in the finance, insurance, and education sectors—all of which are heavily reliant on technology.

And, just like in any business, the use of technology means that there is an increased need for IT care in order to thrive.

If your business is constantly dealing with IT problems such as lagging internet, sluggish programs, malfunctioning devices,or software that is ill-fitted to your purposes, your productivity and profitability are affected. It is essential for every Waterloo business to have technology solutions and support in place that allow them to effectively work and communicate with customers.

Our Comprehensive IT Services    

Businesses have varying IT care needs. Net Fusion Designs is able to offer a comprehensive range of IT services that will give your business customized support.

The services provided include:

●    Managed IT Services: We’ll help your business keep going by looking after all of your back-end IT support needs. With our bundled monthly services, you won’t have to worry about anything; we’ll make sure you can keep productively doing what you do best.

●    VoIP: Communication is essential, and our VoIP services will make your phone systems more efficient, helping you offer a higher standard of service to your customers.

●    Cloud Back-ups: Data loss can be catastrophic for businesses of any size. Don’t let your company fail because of a lack of care for your data. Our cloud back-up services keep your data safe.

●    Application Development: If you want a competitive edge, you need workflow applications that will improve your business. We have the expertise to help develop specialized applications to solve your workplace problems.

●    Cloud Desktop: Remote work becomes easy when you have access to your office desktop anytime, from anywhere.

●    Unified Security Management: Cyber security is a major concern for all businesses. Our unified security management services ensure that your infrastructure is free from vulnerabilities. We’ll monitor your systems and identify the changes that need addressing.

●    Hyper Converged Computing: Eliminate inefficient storage protocols, file systems, and VSAs by utilizing a native hypervisor.

●    IP Security Cameras: For remote access to your security cameras so that you can easily control your surveillance from wherever you are, we provide smart IP camera solutions to suit your needs.

What Makes Us Different?

Net Fusion Designs is the right choice for your Waterloo business’s IT care. Whether you are looking for support in protecting your data, require a full and thorough managed IT service, or are looking for the best technology to ensure your business is ahead of the game, we’rededicated to helping you solve your problems and reach your goals.


Get in touch today to discuss how Net Fusion Designs can help your business.